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Issues pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic

Wayne E Hodgson; Managing director 0827752351
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Issues pertaining to covid-19 pandemic
The current pandemic causes us as employers to make a very challenging and calculated decision. The very welcomed Speech of our country’s leader to go on 21-day lockdown is respected. Terayne electrical
will be abiding by this request and will shut down our construction site activities on midnight 26th of March

  1. Being the nature of our work Terayne will remain open for emergencies, such as listed:
  2. geyser faults
  3. power supply faults, such as tripping circuits or burning distribution boards.
  4. Terayne will have a full-on facetime or telephonic means of helping the client if the problem is small
    enough for us to deduce telephonically.
  5. All call-outs will be invoiced upon completion and payment will be taken by card machine
    Please note that the rules pertaining to social distancing will be implemented and our electricians will be taking precursory measures, such as they will be sanitizing the area that they are working on. Card machines are disinfected after every use and they will be wearing N95 masks and gloves to aid in their protection.
    Please note we will not be open for faults non-essential requests such as changing of a light bulb and such, as it does not list as an emergency and a direct risk to your installations. We will be ready to help at full force after the 21-day lockdown has been declared completed and the president has given the all-clear.
    Kind Regards
    Wayne E Hodgson; Managing director 0827752351